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Fab fruity, refreshing lbd launches in the UK

We all know and love our little black dress, and now we have lbd, a light and refreshing vodka based spirit that comes in a range of three delicious dual-fruit flavours, Peach & Raspberry, Apple & Cranberry and Lime & Watermelon. Super simple, yet delicious, when mixed with lemonade, lbd is the ultimate accessory when getting ready for a night out with the girls.

lbd is not only a refreshing and tasty drink to enjoy in those fun moments getting ready to go out with friends. The new and exciting vodka is the perfect solution for women looking for a lighter style of spirit to enjoy with friends. The low alcohol level means lower calories.

With a variety of three flavours for you and your friends, there’s something for everyone, ensuring your drink goes together with your individual style. We love the fresh fruity taste and the cool fun packaging!

Simply add lemonade and make it a must have for your getting ready to go out drinks. And if you’re looking for an even easier option, lbd will also be available in pre-mixed cans priced at two for £3.00, and the bottles are priced at £11.99



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