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How many times have you said, “Oh, if only I was younger” or “I’d love to be smarter”? Well from Octopus Publishing Group comes two new titles, Eat To Stay Young and Eat To Stay Smart.

Eat To Stay Young

Ingredients and recipes to rejuvenate your body and mind


Growing older is natural, but eating the right foods can slow the process down and maintain your body’s stores of age-fighting nutrients.

Eat to Stay Young highlights key rejuvenating anti-aging foods proven to increase the feeling of youthfulness in our bodies and minds – from aubergines and tuna to guava and cinnamon.

Simple, easy-to-read icons accompany each recipe to help you choose the best dishes to tackle your symptoms, whether they’re thinning hair, dry skin, joint pain, poor circulation or forgetfulness.

With over 60 straightforward, quick-to-prepare, delicious recipes and weekly meal planners, Eat To Stay Young is the perfect way to turn back the clock and achieve optimum health








Eat Yourself Smart

Ingredients and recipes to boost your brain power


If you have trouble thinking clearly, concentrating, coming up with ideas or simply want to know more about brain-activity-enhancing foods, this book can help.

Eat Yourself Smart features key foods that have been proven to benefit brain functions.

These tasty ingredients, which range from coffee and kidney beans to strawberries and brown rice, are transformed into delicious dishes packed with brain boosting benefits.

By using the accompanying icon list, you can easily select the best dishes that bring benefits ranging from mental alertness, longer attention span and restful sleep to prevention of dementia.

With over 60 easy-to-follow, completely delicious recipes and weekly meal planners, Eat Yourself Smart is the perfect way to cook yourself clever.


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