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If you’re looking for some inspiration or let’s be honest, just add to your collection, then we have found some lovely Easter eggs and lovely Easter related treats for you to enjoy!


Cadbury’s have an amazing selection as always, these are just a few of our favourites, but there are many more in the collection



Cadbury Roses Thoughtful Gesture Shell Egg is the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ to that special someone. Whether you’re crazy about caramel and Golden Barrel is your favourite, or you’re dreaming of your caffeine fix with a Coffee Escape, the much loved Roses selection has something for everyone



Why not round up the troops and relive that ultimate sports day activity at home, with this delicious Oreo Egg ‘n’ Spoon adaptation? Individually wrapped delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Eggs with a delicious fluffy mousse centre. Crack the, scoop out the mousse and discover Oreo pieces inside – fun for all the family!



This adorable hollow Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny in iconic purple now comes in a Popping Candy version for those wanting a unique taste experience. Fit with a cheeky bunny smile, it’s the ideal treat for Easter egg hunts or as a top up gift for that little something extra to show you care



Everything you need for a fun Easter egg hunt, this convenient pack makes seasonal games easy, leaving you with more time to enjoy the activities too. Inside you’ll find ten bright multi-coloured and delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate hollow eggs to hide along your hunt, as well as a packet of the much loved Cadbury Mini Eggs that can be given as a prize to the winner of the game



The Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny is filled with a delicious light and fluffy vanilla mousse that tantalises the taste buds with an abundance of flavour and texture. It’s the perfect snack-ilicious treat to gift family members and it’s sure to get everyone in a hopping mood in the lead-up to Easter

Mini Eggs Tube


One of Cadbury’s most treasured treats at Easter, Cadbury Mini Eggs are a crunchy bite of chocolate delight that keeps everyone happy. So whether you’re a nibbler or simply love to snack, with a whole range of sizes there’s plenty of variety for you to choose from. You can also get creative with your baking and try your hand at making Easter nests by following the on pack easy to follow recipe*, or simply pop them on top of a Easter cake, or straight in your mouth, Cadbury Mini Eggs are a multiple purpose irrestible treat for any Easter occasion







The Champagne truffles are available in boxes of 24 for £30 or 12 for £18

Grown Up Easter Eggs for Adults Only!

When it comes to Easter we all think about what the children want to eat, but what about the adults?

This year, Paxton Chocolate has created a beautiful selection of handmade Champagne Easter Egg truffles, that are so decadent and delicious that it would be a crime to waste them on the kids!

Beautifully handmade and decorated, these lovely egg-shaped Champagne truffles are a wonderfully decadent seasonal gift.

Choose from two different truffles: dark chocolate eggs filled with white chocolate Champagne ganache and topped with strawberry, or dark chocolate eggs filled with dark chocolate Champagne ganache and rolled in raspberry and topped with gold leaf.

Perfect as a gift for a host, parent, grandparent or just a treat to tuck into whilst the kids eat their Easter eggs, these beautiful truffles are both elegant and delicious

HARIBO Spring Time Friends, £1.00

With cute sheep, bunny and chick shapes, HARIBO Spring Time Friends taste delicious and are sure to get you in the mood for Spring. They’re great for sharing with friends and are guaranteed to leave you leaping for joy!

HARIBO Fizzy Farm Animals, £1.00

Created using the popular Tangfastics original sour mix recipe, HARIBO Fizzy Farm Animals will add some tang to Easter Fun!

HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix, £2.00

Back for 2017, HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix is a cute little gift box filled with bunny and lamb shaped jellies, tangy chicks, Starmix’s favourite Egg and, last but not least, flower shaped squishy marshmallows – tweet, tweet!

HARIBO Easter Hunt, 200g £1.00, 400g £2.00

Ideal for the Easter bunny to hide around the home or garden is the HARIBO Easter Hunt multi-pack. Packed with gums and jellies in bunny, chick and lamb shaped pieces, this bag contains a selection of portion controlled treats in either 11 or 22 mini bags

GALAXY Golden Eggs Collection


Give the ultimate chocolate gift this Easter with the GALAXY Golden Eggs Collection!

Filled with your silky favourites, the golden egg contains: two bags of GALAXY Golden Eggs, two bags of GALAXY Caramel Mini Eggs, four GALAXY Caramel Filled Eggs and four GALAXY Bubble Filled Eggs.

So whether you’re treating yourself to this glorious golden egg, or giving the gift of gold this Easter, the GALAXY Golden Eggs Collection is ideal for sharing with friends and family with it’s individually wrapped treats – just make sure you get your eggs first!

Chocolate Porter


Cases of 12 x 330ml bottles

6.5% ABV

Meantime’s Chocolate Porter ensures Easter is fun for adults too!

The natural mocca flavours of the four different roasted malts used to brew this rich, dark beer are complemented by the addition of real chocolate during maturation. Warm, complex and smooth, it has a long, clean finish.

An ideal digestif and dessert beer to replace the traditional Easter egg, it is also a superb match for the meat and game stews you may well be indulging in on Easter Sunday! Definitely one for the chocoholics!

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