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Chocolate nowadays is so much more than a just a bar of chocolate. With fun and exciting flavours such as popping candy and biscuits being added to your chocolate bar, chocolate’s have to really up their game!

Doisy & Dam are a chocolate company that have done exactly that! Doisy & Dam create and handmake delicious dark chocolate in Norfolk. What sets Doisy & Dam apart from others are the ingredients they use. Packed with super foods like goji berries and chia seeds, you can tuck into a Doisy & Dam chocolate virtually guilt free!

Presented in a pretty range of pastel packaging, they are great to give as gifts also!

Doisy & Dam makes superdelicious food, with a real simple motto,

‘We like to keep it simple – no nasties, no hidden ingredients, just delicious, real food’

The exquisite flavours and range include,


Ginger, Chilli Flakes & Hempseed

£1.75, 40g bar

£3.50, 100g bar

“Fiery ginger, warming chili flakes and nutty hemp seed makes this curiously cosy bar as delicious on a hot summer day as on a cold winter night”


Goji & Orange

£1.75, 40g bar

£3.50, 100g bar

“The goji & orange bar is perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth. The delicious chewy texture of the goji berries is paired perfectly with a natural and sweet orange flavour”


Coconut & Lucuma

£1.75, 40g bar

£3.50, 100g bar

“The newest flavour of the bunch brings together Doisy & Dam’s trademark 74% cocoa organic chocolate, with the health-boosting attributes of coconut and lucuma. Using sweet coconut and naturally caramel-flavoured lucuma to create a rich and exotic bar”


Maca, Vanilla & Cacao Nibs

£1.75, 40g bar

£3.50, 100g bar

“The bitter chocolatey crunch of cacao nibs is perfectly balanced with the sweet vanilla and this bar is finished off with a kick of maca root to give you an extra boost!”


Mulberries, Chia Seeds & Spirulina

£1.75, 40g bar

£3.50, 100g bar

“Chunks of sweet white mulberries combined with the crunchiness of chia seeds –they said spirulina would never work, but trust us you’ll love the flavour!”

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