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Declutter your life with these spring cleaning tips from Sugru, the world’s first mouldable glue

It is time for the annual spring clean, the perfect time to declutter your home and your life, so give your spring clean a colourful boost with Sugru, the world’s first mouldable glue. These great home hacks will help you discover your creative side and get your house in order. Whatever room you want to tackle, Sugru has it covered!


Finally a solution for storing pot lids


Why is it that saucepans and all their lids never seem to fit together neatly in one place? And why are they so hard to match? Conquer the kitchen chaos with this clever idea for organising your pot lids

Organise your cupboards


Make DIY storage towers for the kitchen using Sugru and jam jars! Because we all know how good it feels to have your space at home organised. Clear yourself some extra space and have everything you need to hand will help keep the busiest room in the house running smoothly.

Sugru is great if you need to bond two different materials together — here we have used Sugru to attach metal lids to the bottom of glass jars to create this DIY stackable herbs and spices storage!


Get your shoes under control


Shoes are awkward. You can’t fold them, stack them or hang them up. It’s like they have a mind of their own and somehow always seem to end up in a disorganised shoe mountain! This quirky but practical idea keeps some of them out of sight but always within easy reach

This is one of 10 handy projects you can do yourself with the Sugru Home Hacks kit.

Make your clothes hangers grippy


The humble coat hanger. Didn’t think you could improve it? Think again. This handy Sugru improvement is super easy to do, and it’s great at keeping any strap tops, dresses or vests off your wardrobe floor. One single use pack of Sugru is enough to adapt two clothes hangers

Make your own DIY storage solutions


We all find treasures on our travels — those little mementos that remind you of an amazing place we visited and don’t want to forget. But they can easily lose their magic when you get home. This idea lets you capture a piece of your holidays and give it a new purpose at home!


Keep your toothbrush handy


Could this be the best place to store your toothbrush? It certainly puts a smile on our face. Why can’t all practical solutions be this cute?


Coat hooks your kids can reach


We all like to be as independent as we can, even when we’re too small to say so. This practical and quirky idea lets kids hang up their own coats by simply putting a hook at the right height for them. You’ll never have a coat thrown on the ground again

Living Room

A genius way to tidy away TV cables and accessories


Get that jumble of cables tidy and organised and make the back of your TV look as good as the front.

This project is easy with Sugru – it’s mouldable, fills weird gaps and sticks to most materials. So you can stick a metal hook to a plastic router. Plus Sugru is removable, so you can take it off again if you ever decide you want to

Organise your office

Declutter your desk


There are two sides to every story and shelves are no exception. Declutter your desk with this clever idea and make it easier to have everything you need at hand

Get your cables under control


This idea can come in handy right around your home — it’s a simple way to conquer your spaghetti cable mountain and keep your desk clutter free with Sugru cable grips

Love crafting and looking for more project inspiration? Check out their Twitter page to see more great ideas!

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