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Restoring and Balancing Your Chakras

Whether you’re heavily involved in the world of health and wellbeing or not, the word Chakra will be not totally foreign to you. Most commonly associated with spiritual practises such as yoga and meditation, chakras are the energetic ‘devices’ through which we exchange and maintain our energy levels throughout our bodies.

It is via the 7 main chakras of the body (Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base) that we sustain our energy levels, vitality and health, so it is important that we keep these aligned and balanced. If we find our find ourselves ‘lacking’ in or with misaligned chakras, this will directly affect specific points in our bodies and our health overall.

Each of your Chakras will be linked to a different point in your body e.g. someone with stomach issues often can find that their Solar Plexus Chakra is not aligned/balanced.




Even though they all have their specific function, your Chakras are all interconnected, therefore you will find when one becomes misaligned, the others lose their balance too.

If you are not familiar with the Chakras that exist within your body and the practices that help in balancing them, then it may be challenging to work out just how to re-align these and which Chakra it is you are ‘missing’.

Daisy London – known best and globally for their iconic Chakra- inspired jewellery, have always focused their pieces around wellness, nature and spirituality.

Designed to combine on-trend design with deeper spiritual ideology, Daisy London’s Chakra jewellery finds a delicate balance between aesthetic and spirituality.

As an integral part of what they do and why they do, Daisy London have designed a chart, where you are able to find out more about what Chakra you are missing and how this may be affecting your health.



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