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Poll reveals Women Are Most Confident in life at 31

British women are all about mind over matter, with a positive frame of mind being more important than looking good


According to a new report by Special K, 31 is the ultimate age when women believe they look their best 58% in fact, 45% feel most loved and 43% have a secure network of friends.

A survey of 1,000 women aged 18 to 65, recorded the age at which women felt most content in 15 key areas of their life.

The results of the nationwide census revealed that women are the most confident at 31, the same age as singer Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Pippa Middleton.

When it comes to confidence to live life to the full – it’s a case of mind over matter, with women choosing a positive frame of mind over looking good. Fifty-four per cent found that thinking positively improved their mood while looking good was second on the list with 48% feeling confident when they had freshly washed hair. For 42% of women, nothing can beat getting a full night’s sleep to get a confidence boost.

It is no surprise that women feel self-assured in their thirties as their confidence increases as they pass key milestones in their life. When asked when they felt the most confident, 18% of women said having their first child, 17% getting married and 12% getting into university were their biggest boosts. Louise Thompson Davies, Brand PR Manager UK & ROI:

“Here at Special K we want to know what gives women the confidence to live life to the full.  It could be the simple act of laughing with friends or singing along to your favourite song on the radio. As part of our ‘Live in Colour’ campaign, we want to encourage women to live a life full of variety, choice, pleasure and fun. Everyone should feel empowered and confident enough to pursue and achieve their dreams.”


And it looks like as a nation we are really not hard to please, with simple pleasures keeping the nation’s ladies happy. Spending time in the sunshine topped the list with seven out of ten women saying it was the most enjoyable thing to do, followed by 64% making somebody laugh. For 55% getting a compliment from a stranger and 53% say hearing their favourite song on the radio also brings a smile to women’s faces.

And of course, let’s not forget shopping! It seems hitting the high street can really make a woman’s day. A huge 62% named finding a bargain as one of the biggest thrills of their day.


Special K

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