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I never knew there were so many uses from the coconut. From coconut oil to coconut water we also have coconut sugar and coconut  flour. So when I heard that you can also get coconut cider vinegar, I thought, yeah of course!

We all know the health benefits of taking a daily shot of apple cider vinegar. It appears however that most of us may have been missing out on the main benefits of this habit by using products that don’t contain the Mother of Vinegar.

The Mother of Vinegar may look unusual, a little like a large piece of sediment left in your bottle, but it is a combination of ‘good’ bacteria and cellulose and is responsible for naturally converting fruit into vinegar.

Almost all commercial vinegars have this Mother of Vinegar removed to make them look more appealing on shelf, but in doing so the most beneficial part of the products are taken away. By keeping the Mother of Vinegar in the bottle the product remains ‘live’ and continues to ferment, meaning it is packed full of important enzymes, which stay active, alongside other amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

If you’re thinking of adding a shot of vinegar to your daily detox regime this New Year, The Coconut Company offer an Organic Coconut Vinegar, which still includes the Mother of Vinegar. Being from coconuts means the vinegar has a milder flavour than an apple cider vinegar making it a tastier and more palatable option for those new to vinegar shots – the company suggest mixing a tablespoon in a glass of water or fruit juice.

For more information or to buy visit where the vinegar is priced at £4.99





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