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A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Eveningwear Dress By Divine Boutique


Tis the season to be sparkling! The festive season is the perfect opportunity to dress up to the nines, whether you have a Christmas ball, an event or just want to feel fancy on the big day, there are some really beautiful dresses and stunning outfits for AW15. From Christmas to New Year, there’s no excuse not to find your perfect dress, and Divine Boutique in Silver Arcade has an abundance of beautiful dresses in a huge variety of colours, styles, and sizes! And the eveningwear fun doesn’t have to stop as soon as the bell strikes 12am on New Year’s Eve! Gorgeous dresses should be celebrated all year round. Rosie and Zoe, the owners of Divine, give us some of their top tips about choosing the ideal dress for you this season


1.    Assess Your Skintone

Not everyone will suit a light or pastel dress so bear that in mind when you’re dreaming of a white Christmas (dress!) Jewel tones are always a winner for a huge variety of skintones, from emerald green to ruby red, so opt for richer colours and you’ll be the belle of the ball

2.    Take Your Shape Into Account

Again, not all dresses may suit your body shape, and that’s ok. But, instead of shying away from certain styles, you may be able to alter them to fit you- a shorter hemline, a little nip here or there, or even as simple as throwing a lace bolero over a strapless dress!

3.    Straps & Stickers

Speaking of straps…Don’t let straps, or the lack of, ruin your night! Whether that be with a dress that has built in boning, or whether you choose to use a whole lot of body tape, it’s an extra comfort level when you’re dancing around to the countdown

4. Go For Classic.

If you’re just looking to buy for a single occasion then there are so many options for you to choose, but if you want a dress that will last you a few years and a few events, choose classic design in a neutral tone and steer clear of ‘on-trend’ throw away styles that you might find in some High Street stores. And remember, you always need a LBD stored in your wardrobe for that surprise occasion may sneak up on you

5. Give it time

Not only will finding the perfect dress take some time, but ensuring it looks good on you will clock up some hours. Give yourself plenty of preparation time and you won’t have to make a last minute dash to the pre-Christmas sales, elbowing shoppers as you go to grab on to that last dress in your size. They can order in some dresses for customers which can take several weeks!


So, if you can travel to Leicester, why not pop in to the shop, have a chat with them about your needs for the party period and beyond, and they’ll help you find your perfect match at Divine Boutique, 1st Floor, Silver Arcade, Leicester LE1 5FA

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