My name is Lady Dolly and I am a four-year-old sable German Spitz in love with life. I was born in Stourbridge and I live between central London and Wolverhampton in the Midlands. When my humans bought me they also rescued two black kittens from the RSPCA. The RSPCA estimated the kittens were approx 9 weeks old which was the same age as me. We grew up together in the Midlands. These kittens are real brother and sister called Cosmic Creepers named after the cat in Bedknobs & Broomsticks, and Lucky, since black cats are known to be lucky creatures!  They stay in the Midlands as they hate travelling and I see them on weekends. They will feature in my blog a lot as I really do love them and they love me.
I am the official mascot for award winning boutique Sapphires Model Management and I love it. I get to meet lots of lovely new people who make a fuss over me and I’m occasionally used in shoots. I do love being in front of the camera and I think I was born to work in the industry. I’ve also appeared in an award winning short film called Flame.
I’ve done a lot in my four years on this earth and I have loved every minute  I love belly rubs. Classical music and treats  I hate bath time, very hot days and being away from my humans.
I hope you enjoy my diary!


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