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Campaign for Clarity

Organic has become the buzzword in beauty for brands to use, but it doesn’t always stand true. Unlike organic food, there is currently no legal standard in place for organic beauty, although normal trading standards law should prevent false claims being made.

However, look along the beauty aisles and you can find products claiming to be organic with either tiny amounts or no organic ingredients at all. To label the whole product as organic when it only contains tiny quantities of organic ingredients is misleading to the consumer. It also begs the question, what other ingredients does the product contain?

Certification with an accredited organisation is the only way to ensure your beauty products are truly organic and contain ingredients that are kinder to your skin. Certifiers work to standards such as COSMOS which provide detailed requirements on ingredients and manufacturing processes, meaning the quality and values that organic embodies are preserved.

Cosmetics and personal care products should comply to strict standards and a certification stamp that gives consumers the confidence to know that what they are buying is truly organic, from the beautiful plants and herbs used in the formulas to the non-organic ingredients that are left out.

It’s time the beauty industry cleaned up its act. We are calling on you to join our Campaign for Clarity and show the industry once and for all that greenwashing just won’t wash. It’s time to reclaim organic! #organicbeauty

So Darling! are proud to show our support with the Campaign for Clarity and love the wonderful Organic range from Nourish.

Nourish partners the importance of the highest quality organic natural extracts with natural fragrances and pure essential oils. This provides the most wonderful face and body range that not only feels good on your skin, but it is also good for your skin.

Our new favourite is the ARGAN SKIN RESCUE. This little wonder product is massaged into your face to enhance collagen production to protect against signs of ageing and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also repairs and restores damaged or stressed skin. The Argan Skin Rescue is quickly absorbed into your skin for the oils and ingredients to work their magic. What’s wonderful about the Argan Skin Rescue is the dewy look it leaves on your skin, which gives you that instant glow!




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