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With nail art being all the rage and colours and shades growing by the minute, we can’t get enough of the craze! But if you struggle or hate to show your nails because they are brittle or could be in better condition, then the team at So Darling! have clawed through (sorry!) the best of the nail treatments around to help brittle, weak nails and add strength and vitality




Bio Sculpture, the inventors of permanent nail colour, have been operating globally for more than 15 years. A durable Gel that does not chip or peel and is applied as an overlay onto natural nails. Longwearing and chip-proof, your Bio Sculpture Gel treated nails keep their well-manicured look long after application.   Four products that help brittle nails are the Lavender Base, Bio Sculpture Vitamin dose, Cuticle Oil and Executive base.

Lavender Base


Bio Sculpture® Lavender Base is enriched with Lavender Essential Oil and naturally coloured base coat that is used on the natural nail to strengthen weak, dry, brittle and especially flaky nails. Also helps keep your nail colour on longer without chips.

Bio Sculpture Vitamin dose


Provides a shot of nail vitamins essential to the nails structure

Cuticle Oil


 This nail and cuticle oil is formulated with Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E. This cuticle treatment is enhanced with Vitamin E to rehydrate the cuticle and the nail plate. Massaging this treatment into the nails on a regular basis will balance the oil/moisture level on the nailplate.

Executive base


Nourishes nails all over!










KISS Complete Care Treatments Systems


Kiss is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of professional quality nail products. Kiss became the first company to bring quality, professional nail care directly to the consumer, creating easy-to-use, all-in-one kits so she can achieve Salon Results at home. Today, the Kiss line of products has expanded to include nail care, nail jewelry, nail art, and manicure & pedicure tools. Each of these quality products originated from Kiss’s innovative thinking and vast salon experience.

And now you can KISS goodbye to damaged nails with KISS Complete Care Treatments Systems. Convenient all-in-one nail treatment systems designed for all your nail care needs, Cuticle Care, Repair, Strengthening and Growth. Each system comes with a three-part care routine with New Breathable Technology which lets air in and out so your nails can breathe whilst being treated.



If your nails crack, split or break easily, mend them with Ceramide Complex and conditioning oils to restore flexibility and moisture. Your nails will look healthier than ever!

Repair Base Coat: Moisturising primer to help restore strength in natural nails

Repair Tinted Polish: Specially formulated to nourish nails

Repair Top Coat: Superior glass-like shine seals in protection so nails can grow healthily


For those with brittle nails which struggle to grow KISS Growth can help. With Vita-Cal Growth Complex your nails will grow longer and stronger.

Growth Base Coat: Triple complex of nourishing vitamins fortifies nails so they can grow

Growth Tinted Polish: Specially formulated for healthy nail growth

Growth Top Coat: Superior glass-like shine protects nails to allow natural growth












Superdrug Advanced Beauty


It’s like they say, it’s whats on the inside that counts. So that’s why it is so important taht you are feeding your body from the inside to ensure you have strong healthy nails. These advanced beauty vitamins from Superdrug help maintain radiant skin, strong nails and healthy, shiny hair. A specialist formulation that contains essential nutrients to promote shiny hair, clear skin and healthy strong nails.













Used as a 2 week programme to help strengthen the natural nail for nails that are fragile, weak, soft and brittle. Nail polish can be applied over Calstrong without affecting its performance. To find out more information about the two week programme, calgel

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