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Missing Reels ★★★★★

Farran Smith Nehme

This is an absolutely brilliant read , combined with two of my all time favourite things: New York and the eighties, with the two combined together to create eighties New York, what could be better?! This fabulous book creates a witty, fun and flirty book that will bring a sparkle and joy to any readers eyes. A charming read fr any movie fan, especially movies of the by gone era.











The Thirty List ★★★

Eva Woods 

When I first saw this book, I thought that it was going to be yet again another girl meets boy, boy dumps girl kind of book. Yes it has similar elements; however it is much more realistic and heart-warming.  Rachel, is turning 30 and there always seems to be certain expectations from others towards you when you turn 30 such as why you’re not married yet or in a top job. Rachel’s life is the opposite; broke, unemployed and going through a divorce. What I loved about this book is that it gives hope to all females out there who are going through the same traumas in their life and the fact that she begins to turn her life around by taking risks is fabulous. A must read for sure.











The Doris Day Vintage Film Club ★★★

Fiona Harper

This is a light-hearted romantic and delightful read for the Doris Day fan for sure. This story is about romance and the mysterious side to it with a cheeky twist of secrets. A lovely read but find out for yourself if it really has the typical Hollywood ending!…










Coming Home ★★★

Annabel Kantaria  

This is a fascinating read which I found quite difficult to put down! It’s quite a dark read which I was not expecting at all, but certainly an interesting one for sure which just goes to show never judge a book by its cover. The title itself is quite ambiguous so at first you don’t know what to expect but as you start to turn the pages you become more and more gripped!

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