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BISSELL: The ultimate carpet cleaning companion

Powering through dirt for spotless results


You may think that by vacumming your carpet daily, you are getting rid of all traces of dirt. But what about deep down, right down where you can’t see the all the little traces!

Carpets can be a haven for bugs with your month-old crumbs and forgotten spills becoming culprits.

For most of us, are bedrooms or rooms where we relax are fitted with carpets, so the last thing we want is to have our carpets teeming with dirt, from muddy shoes, crumbs from food and our pets dirty paws!

So why are we so lacklustre when it comes to cleaning our carpets? Everyone washes their bedding, towels and wooden floors on a regular basis, so why not the carpets?

BISSELL, the carpet cleaning experts, offer the HeatWave™ & CleanView™ ranges which reach deep down to remove the dirt, stains, allergens and smells that vacuuming alone leaves behind. Not only will your carpets look, smell and feel fantastic, but they become a clean and fresh place for your little ones to enjoy. BISSELL carpet cleaners – giving you the confidence to enjoy everyday moments

The HeatWave™ & CleanView™ ranges are designed to provide convenient and powerful cleaning solutions adapted to individual lifestyles. Whether you need to pick up a late-night wine spill, clean up after a bundle of muddy children or remove the evidence left behind by an excitable puppy, there is a BISSELL carpet cleaner for you.

So, how does carpet cleaning work?

The machine injects a mixture of your chosen BISSELL cleaning solution, such as Febreze® odour eliminator, Scotchgard™ protection or Oxy with warm water deep into carpet fibres. The brushes agitate, scrub and loosen the dirt or stain and then the powerful vacuum suction lifts it away, providing impressive deep cleaning results by removing the dirt you can and can’t see.

Featuring innovative new HeatWave Technology™

In addition a number of HeatWave™ products, such as the BISSELL Deluxe™, feature HeatWave Technology™ which redirects heat generated by the motor, keeping the water tank consistently warm to maximise cleaning results.

Whether you are a pet lover, someone who enjoys a glass of wine on a Friday night or a busy mum with lots of muddy feet running around the house, BISSELL has the cleaning power to rid your carpets of those stubborn stains and accidental spills, so that your carpet doesn’t have to suffer.

Stop providing 24 hour room service to the bugs in your carpets and instead enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and spotless for your whole family to enjoy, thanks to a BISSELL carpet cleaner.


BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

Now I’m not the best person when it comes to putting things together, but piecing the BISSELL Carpet Cleaner was relatively fuss free. The onlt part you need to put together is the handle and the piece to hold the hose together.


The Bissell cleaner is easy to use by filling the removable bucket with water and cleaner


The bucket has a folded down handle that allows you to lift and carry it easily


For those of us who vacuum, will know how annoying it is when the wire keeps getting in the way, the Bissell Carpet cleaner has a handy clip that keeps the pesky wire out of the way when you use it



The black tab releases the handle, for you to use the Bissell carpet cleaner


The red tab turns the cleaner on and off


The results really do speak for themselves, on the right shows the amazing results of the cleaner


It may look like two pictures have been merged here, but they have not. The results of using the Bissell Cleaner are amazing!


The super awesome, amazing Bissell Cleaner! Every home needs one!

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