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So Darling! have found the best beauty tips and tricks on how to make lipstick last, make your eyes look brighter and to make your hair look shiny



Harper Gill, Salon Director at McQueen Gill in Nottingham, making hair look shiny
The trick here is to aim for shiny hair without it looking greasy. Your hair has the best shine when cuticles are locked and at its perfect pH level. To get to the perfect pH level you need to use balancing treatments (such as the Joico K-Pak system) once per week, followed by a leave in conditioner. Blow dry using a brush, followed by a serum on the ends only to avoid the tops of the head looking greasy. Work the serum all through the hands to allow for an even distribution. Skipping washes allows for your natural hair oils to seep through however this does not necessarily mean that these oils will be distributed evenly to the ends of your hair, meaning you will still need some sort of product to balance this out

Founder of the world’s first Eco certified self-tanning brand, TanOrganic, Noelle O’Connor says:

Get rid of puffiness around your eyes use a simple tea spoon. Put it in the fridge for 5 minutes and when it’s cold, gently place the back of the spoon on the affected area to use it as a treatment for reducing the puffiness.

Bounce sheets for static free hair. Many of us have static-free sheets that we use for our clothes in the tumble dryer. Rub a sheet on your hands and then in your hair and hey presto, your hair is static free!








International Make Up Artist and founder of WOW Beauty – Denise Rabor

How to make eyes look brighter;

We all want to have bright eyes as they are sign of health and beauty, here are some of my tips;

  • Health, yes health! Our eyes say a lot about our health, for example: if we are dehydrated our eyes may be slightly bloodshot and because dehydration can make us feel tired, our eyes may be droopy! So drink up!
  • Too much alcohol can make our eyes puffy and bloodshot, if you do overindulge drink some water…lots of it!
  • Sleep – almost all of us are so busy working & playing hard that we don’t get enough sleep and of course it shows in our eyes!


Now here are some makeup tips to make eyes appear brighter;

  • Use a good concealer, darkness around and under the eyes create a look of fatigue.
  • Make sure that your eyebrows frame your face.
  • Curling your eyelashes is a simple trick that lifts the lashes, making your eyes look bigger and brighter.
  • Try using a kohl pencil in white, cream or a light colour to camouflage the water line of your eyes which is often pink or red.
  • Accentuate your eyes by using eyeshadows that make your eye colour really pop! For example, terracotta & bronze colours really make blue eyes brighter, while gold can make green and brown eyes sparkle.




How to make lipstick last;

This is one of those questions that Makeup Artists are always asked, and we all know how frustrating it is when we’ve applied a lipstick, ready for the day or evening and it fails to stay put.

Here are some tips that will help that perfect lipstick last longer:

  • Firstly and most importantly make sure that your lips are in good condition; lips are skin, keep them moisturised by making sure that you are hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Keep them nourished and moisturised by using a good quality lip balm and if you are prone to flaky lips, exfoliate them.
  • Create a base for your lipstick by either applying your foundation to your lips or by using a lip primer.
  • Next, use a lip pencil – ideally in a similar colour to your lipstick, to line and fill in your lips.
  • Apply the first coat of lipstick and blot.
  • Lightly powder your lips with translucent powder and then apply your final coat of lipstick




B. Makeup Ambassador, Cassie Lomas gives her tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect feline flick.
“The best way to get the perfect flick is to use an  angled brush such as the B. Bullet Shading Brush. This draws a precise and even line making it a lot easier for anyone to apply. Start by lining the whole lash line. tapering the thinnest at the corner of the eye. Once both eyes are done draw on the flicks last making sure the tip of the flick falls underneath the natural crease in the lid.”

B. Precise Gel Eyeliner £6.99
B. Bullet Shading Brush £8.99

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