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How many times have you looked in the mirror and not liked what you see. Or looked in a fashion magazine and felt just that little bit (or a lot) insecure about yourself.
#beautyhasnoage is a mission, to unite every woman who ever felt insecure about the way she looks, in support of one another. It’s success relies on all of us supporting each other, in the mission to feel confident about the uniqueness of our individual beauty, at every age.
Maleka Dattu, the Creator and Director of MERUMAYA® tells us about her #beautyhasnoage message,
I want women everywhere to positively, take back control, for how we feel about ourselves. To revel, in the liberation of making our own informed choices about skin care, to feel beautiful at every age and pursue our dreams at any age, to take pleasure in the positive aspects of ageing, to appreciate our faces, bodies, brains and emotions. I am inspired to help women ignite the courage within us, to take back control for our beauty-confidence.After 30 years in corporate beauty, when decisions did not always seem to me, customer centric, I took the leap from employment to entrepreneur. I created MERUMAYA® which is an evidence-based skincare brand, all about you, feeling confident about the way you look, at every age. We champion the positive goal of Youthful-Ageing rather than the negativity of Anti-ageing. Our hashtag is #beautyhasnoage and I mean it!

A limited number of the collectible, #beautyhasnoage make up bags, will be available for sale or free in a gift with purchase, only at

Help inspire women everywhere, to let them know that their #beautyhasnoage – from teens to 90’s!


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