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Embrace Autumn with Open Arms with Ayurveda Pura

The only thing constant is change, so this year why not welcome autumn in with some easy to follow tips from Award Winning Ayurveda Pura  Health Spa and Beauty Centre London, designed to help your body and mind adjust to the change in season and prepare you for the months ahead.

An ancient Indian system of Holistic Health, Ayurveda combines Yoga, meditation, a specialised diet, herbs and massage to offer you a complete non-medicalised system of health which looks at treating the whole individual.

Here director of Ayurveda Pura Dr Deepa Apte shares her top tips on transitioning from summer to autumn the Ayurvedic way:

Keep it warm: Try to avoid cold, dry and light foods and instead indulge in some delicious and warm freshly cooked food. Think hearty stews, spicy herbal teas and hot milk flavoured with cinnamon and ginger in the evenings.

Do It Yourself: Self- massage is one of the best ways to invigorate the body first thing in the morning helping to fire up all cylinders for the day ahead. Before your shower, warm up some sesame oil or massage oil and gently massage your face, neck and any other part of the body that may need some TLC. Then hop in the shower and you’re good to go!

Regulate:  As the days get shorter it’s important to keep meals regular to ensure your body is energised (so no skipping breakfast) and try to minimise the late nights (if you can!). Autumn is also a great time to start a regular meditation practice to help you stay focused and positive for the coming winter months.

Say Hello to the Sun: Whether you’re a practiced Yogi or a complete novice nothing helps boost your Wellbeing better than a couple of rounds of Sun Salutations in the morning. Start with 3 a day and slowly build up over the coming weeks.

Spice it up: Adding some Ayurvedic herbs into your diet is a great way to keep the body fired up. Ginger can be used to boost digestion, Triphala is great for detoxification and Ashwagandha is great for balancing the nervous system and strengthening the body.

Ayurveda Pura is an award winning health and beauty spa providing Ayurvedic consultations, treatments and products. For more information please visit




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