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It Follows ★★★

Director: David Robert Mitchell

Cast: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Sovatto, Lili Sepe, Olivia Luccardi, Jake Weary

Teenager Jay (Maika Monroe) finds herself in trouble when she starts encountering odd visions and strange goings on. An entity has taken form of ghoulish, creepy looking figures and is determined to impose death on her.

Despite her been the only one who can see the entity, it’s up to Jay and her friends to try and stay one step ahead of the entity before it gets her. The only option she has is to be killed or to pass it on to someone else the way it had been passed onto her by another.

Instead of the usual scares you come to expect from horror films nowadays, this film goes back to what horror films used to be. The director makes use and takes influences from classic horror films from back in old days of the 70’s and 80’s. The director uses shots, sound and atmosphere to help build tension.

This is perhaps one of the creepier horror films to have come out in the past year. There are lots of eerie moments that are guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

It’s well acted; Maika Monroe is great as the lead heroine. You can’t help but root for her and her determination to survive.

If you’re a fan of horror films then you should check this one out.



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