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Cinderella ★★★★ 

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Cast: Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, Stellan Skarsgård, Sophie McShera, Holliday Grainger, Derek Jacobi, Ben Chaplin, Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon

This is a live action version of the classic story, “Cinderella” brought to you by Disney who made the animated version in the fifties.

Ella has a perfect upbringing until her mother dies an untimely death. Years later, her father marries another woman but soon after he passes away leaving her with a cruel stepmother and two step sisters who treat her as though she is a slave. Things seem bleak until she meets the Prince in the forest. But when her stepmother bans her from attending the ball the King is hosting for the Prince, her fairy godmother comes to help her to get to the ball with the help of a wide arrange of animals and a pumpkin. She soon finds that things would never be the same for her again.

The pumpkin carriage, the lovable mice, the glass slipper, the wonderful ball gown all still make an appearance alongside some new characters. However, the film mostly stays true to the original story. It’s a warm, charming film that shows that its original source material still has appeal.

The special effects were brilliant, the costumers were beautiful with great attention to detail and the sets were spot on. Lily James and Richard Madden are brilliant in the respective roles and there is nothing short of great chemistry between the lead actors. Cate Blanchett is also excellent as the evil stepmother who is out to marry anyone who is rich and marry her daughters to anyone that is rich.

This film hits all the right notes.

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