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A Streetcat Named Bob ★★★★


Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Cast: Luke Treadaway, Joanne Froggatt, Ruta Gedmintas, Anthony Head

A Street Cat Named Bob is the film adaptation of the book of the same name, a true story written by James Bowen about a young homeless man who adopts a stray cat that changes his life.
James is a downtrodden street performer who has nothing more than the clothes on his back and a tatty guitar.  He lives in squalid conditions trying to overcome a crippling heroin addiction and turn his life around.  Struggling to get noticed as a busker on the harsh streets of London you see him struggle, until Bob appears in his life.
Bob is a beautiful ginger tomcat who takes a shining to James and turns his life around.  With Bob by James’ side James is no longer ignored on the cruel streets of London.  The pair have a magical connection that captures the heart of the the city.  This is a true story of friendship, loyal, true bravery and the evidence of how odd and wonderful life can be.
I’ve been a fan of the duo for a while now and have read both the book and now seeing the film was impressed and how they faithful to the book, and indeed the true story, they kept it.  Although this sounds like a kids film there are quite grown up themes of homelessness and drug addiction and street violence that the film doesn’t shy away from.
Bob was of course playing himself in the movie;  he was amazing and I didn’t expect anything less. No other cat could have played him!  I’ve actually met Bob and James on the street and I can say there is something truly magical about him. There will only ever be one Bob and he must win a coveted Pawscer (the animal version of the Oscars) for his role!  Luke Treadaway was also excellent and played the part of James Bowen extremely well.

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