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SABON is an affordable luxury beauty brand. The brand was originally based on the owners love for soap, which they made using an Australian Aboriginal method. All of their soaps are not only beautiful but made with natural ingredients



Palm tree oil Soap


Palm tree oil soaps in coloured boxes, available in different scents. Palm tree oil is extracted from palm tree fruit and has a moisturizing and renewing effect on the skin, leaving it smooth and perfumed, With combinations of Pineapple and Coconut, Mango and Papaya, Passion and Star Fruit, Mint and Grapefruit, Patchouli, Lavender and Vanilla







Glycerin soap


Solid soaps based on glycerin & palm oil enriched with natural aromatic oils such as lavender, patchouli & almond. The soaps include Grass, Rose, Vanilla and Coconut, Lilac. Lemon, Lavender and Goat Milk

Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap

From £3.99 each

Dr. Bronner’s, the family-owned maker of the top-selling natural soap brand, has launched an ‘Old & Improved’ redesign of the company’s iconic label. Inspired by the original labels on the first soaps created by Dr. E.H. Bronner in 1948, the ‘Old & Improved’ label celebrates the authenticity and history of the brand, whilst reflecting the modern ethos and style of the current Bronner family generation.

The original innovative and classic content of Dr. E.H. Bronner’s Moral ABC remains on the Castile Liquid Soap label, highlighting how the company actions its mission through Fair Trade, protecting organic integrity and advocating for social and environmental justice across a range of issues.

With luxurious scents that include Rose, Peppermint and Almond










Kefir Soaps

£3.95 each

Calm-Down Kefir Cleanser

Lavender relaxation

The Calm-Down Kefir Cleanser also contains lavender essential oil, which gives a gorgeous natural scent. Perfect for relaxing you for before a great night’s sleep

Refresh Kefir Cleanser


Refresh Kefir Cleanser also contains spearmint essential oil. Naturally deodorising, great for men, athletes and shaving

Wake-Up Kefir Cleanser

Lemon freshness!

Wake-Up Kefir Cleanser also contains lemongrass essential oil, which gives a zingy citrus blast. Naturally antibacterial and deodorising, perfect for washing little hands and getting your morning off to a fresh start

All varieties of kefir cleansers contain a base of raw goats milk, the award-winning kefir, coconut oil, olive oil and sustainable palm oil. The products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne




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