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It’s known that Aloe Vera is very versatile and has many beneficial applications to the body both externally and internally. Digesting aloe vera requires an acquired taste, or so we thought! alō, is new to the UK and is stocked in Waitrose and health stores. Hailed as the new coconut water, alō is packed with many health benefits ranging from soothing upset stomachs to helping your skin glow.


Having won a host of taste awards around the globe, alō drinks come in a number of different flavours;



ALLURE combines aloe vera juice with mangosteen and mango juices,

APPEAL adds pomelo, pink grapefruit and lemon,

EXPOSED adds in honey,

AWAKEN wheatgrass,

COMFORT watermelon and peach,

ENRICH pomegranate and cranberry

ESCAPE pineapple, guava and sea buckthorn


Whilst these refreshing flavour infusions are packed with vitamins and folic acid, it’s alō’s unique use of real aloe vera pieces that really sets them apart from the crowd, (think, similar to juice with bits!). Some other aloe vera products are formulated from dehydrated powders and can lack real aloe pieces, but alō have recognised that it is these aloe bits that contain the most important benefits as well as, being packed full of extra juice, adding an extra layer of refreshment to the drinks.

So whether you’re looking to gain from the many benefits of aloe vera or just want to try an exciting and refreshing new drink say hello to alō!





£1.99 each

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