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For any fellow bloggers out there you will probably know that the majority of us are fuelled by caffeine – in fact, I think that by this point in my life my body is probably made up of 2 parts blood and 1 part coffee.

The downside of course to a diet of 90% coffee is that it takes a toll on our teeth, slowly turning them into an ugly shade of yellow.  Smoking is also a major cause of this, and while I don’t smoke myself I know plenty of bloggers who rely on cigarettes to keep them calm while they hammer out articles at the keyboard!
So I was particularly interested when I was asked to try out iWhite2, a product that promises to whiten teeth in just 5 days.  To be honest I was willing to try but didn’t hold much hope for the product.  My cupboards are full of half used teeth whitening toothpastes that haven’t done a thing to help out my coffee stained chompers.
This product is different however – rather than designed to be used when you brush your teeth the whitening product is set into two mouthguards designed to be placed on both the upper and lower teeth.  The paste then gets to work on your teeth while you wait.
So after popping in the first set of mouthguards and pretending to be a boxer in the bathroom mirror for a few minutes I let the product get to work.  I have to be honest – it did take a little while to get used to wearing the mouthguards – I could feel them digging into my gums slightly – but I felt that 10 minutes of discomfort a day was worth it if the product worked.
It is a bit of a disconcerting feeling as the whitening paste starts to melt in your mouth and trickle down your throat, particularly as the mouthguards make is harder to swallow, but to be honest this is all a minor niggle.  Dental treatments are never a particularly pleasant experience and I can assure you this is infinitely preferable to being stuck in the dentist’s chair for a tooth polish!  Once you get used to the mouthguards you can happily sit there watching TV as the product gets to work on your teeth.


But is it any good?  Well the short answer is yes.  It’s easily the most effective tooth whitening treatment I’ve ever used and in just five days (each box contains a five day course) I could see that my teeth were much whiter and looked much nicer.  It’s amazing how much confidence having whiter teeth can give you.  I think if you do have coffee stained teeth like I did it’s something that’s always in the back of your mind when you’re in social situations but this product left be feeling much more comfortable giving people a flash of the old pearly whites!
For those who want a whitening product that works fast and well I can heartily recommend this product
iWhite Instant 2

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