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Launching VITL Greens: Revitalise With Great Tasting Greens Delivered To Your Door

Each time you hear about the latest “miracle food”, it’s fair to say that you proceed with a little caution. As, let’s face it “miracle foods” or “miracle ingredients” tend to turn out to taste like pond water!

So when I received a package from VITL, (a beautiful package!) to trial VITL Greens, a superfood powder that contains a plant based blend of 16 nutrient dense superfoods. The packs of powder are bursting with goodness, energising and nourishing from the inside out.

What makes VITL even more super is that you don’t even have to worry about picking them up when you are out shopping, as the daily superfood powder is conveniently delivered directly to your door and contains the perfect blend of nourishing ingredients handpicked by in-house nutritional experts to deliver optimal nutrition.

As well as energising and revitalising, VITL Greens promote healthy skin, hair and nails through its alkalising, vegan friendly formula of spirulina, kale and maca alongside flaxseed, goji berries and green tea.

Their convenient daily sachets come in 14 day or 28 day packs, with the offering of a complimentary 6 day trial available. VITL Greens provide a caffeine-free energy hit from B vitamins and iron, whilst the high fibre and protein content help to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance.  With wholefood vitamins, minerals and antioxidants also supporting  your immune system and protecting against cell damage – VITL Greens has you covered.

“According to the latest government data, 70% of UK adults don’t meet the 5-a-day recommended consumption of fruit and vegetables” indicates Libby Limon, Head of Nutrition at VITL. “5 a day should be the minimum – studies show if you want to be optimally healthy you should be aiming for 7+, but that can be hard to do.” Libby explains  “green vegetables and superfoods are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. For that reason we have designed VITL Greens to be an easy, hassle free way to boost your diet everyday”.

At only 25 calories, VITL Greens can be mixed with water, coconut water, your favourite smoothie or juice, as well as added to porridge and meals for an extra greens boost. Formulated with natural vanilla and the sweet, caramel tasting maca root, VITL Greens is also perfect for sneaking greens into sweet treats. (So no pond water taste!)

Designed for a generation inspired by Apple design and Uber convenience – VITL products provides all round nutritional support that fits effortlessly into a modern busy lifestyle, without you having to make any massive changes!

VITL Green’s six sachet pack is available online at as a free trial worth £9.95 (P&P £1.95). VITL Greens is also available online as a 14 day supply –  £17.95, and a 28 day supply – £35.95, as well as individual sachets for £1.49


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