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Looking for the newest. shiniest and brightest in health? Then look no further as So Darling has found some great new products that are great for your health!






Omega 3 Capsules


After extensive research supplements experts Veganicity is very excited to be launching its new vegan-friendly Omega-3 supplement– made from a special type of algae called schizochytrium sp – offering vegans an easy way to obtain Omega 3 in their diets.

Algae often only provides docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), but this algae contains significant levels of DHA plus good levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), with two capsules providing the user with the recommended daily 500mg per day of essential Omega 3, helping towards good brain function, blood pressure and vision


Veganicity Pea Protein Powder


Protein, essential for cell growth and repair, can be sourced in a vegan diet but you need to eat loads of pulses! One excellent source of protein is peas with one cup containing the same amount of protein as a glass of milk.

As it is not always convenient to eat a cup of peas every day, Veganicity has launched Pea Protein Powder that can be added to many meals, making it simple to get the optimum protein levels daily


Super-Cacao Powder


Aduna Super-Cacao is a high-flavanol premium cacao powder. It is the first cacao powder in the UK with an EU-approved claim for heart health. Aduna Super-Cacao is a unique blend, containing cacao powder from beans that have been especially selected for their high-flavanol content. An innovative and gentle roasting process ensures the powder retains at least 8 x more flavanols than regular cacao powder. Cacao flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, contributing to normal blood flow & supporting:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Elasticity of Arteries
  • Healthy Blood Circulation

These happy heart benefits are obtained by taking 2 teaspoons of Super-Cacao a day. It is also packed with antioxidants helping give you radiant, younger-looking skin



From £1.85

Veeda is an all-new 100% natural, innovative and affordable range of women’s sanitary products, providing a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to help make that time of the month mo re comfortable and easier on your body.

Veeda differs from other sanitary product brands in that its products are manufactured from 100% natural cotton, which is synthetic free and hypoallergenic. But why should you choose to go natural?

By switching to Veeda products, users have experienced less irritation, less painful and often shorter periods!


Lotil Foot Cream


Lotil Foot Cream is a rich, moisturising formula that penetrates deep into the skin to nourish, seal in moisture and soften hard, dry skin. It  also contains added Rosemary Extract, a highly effective anti-oxidant that protects and softens the skin and Aloe Vera, well known for its moisturising and soothing properties as well as its anti-inflammatory benefits.

You can rejuvenate your feet as you sleep to be flip-flop-ready in 3 easy steps 


1. Apply a layer of Lotil Foot Cream on your feet 

2. Wrap your feet in cling film and secure with a pair of socks 

3. Leave overnight and make the most of your super-soft new feet! 




Feeling tired, sluggish and lacking energy has become the norm for so many women across the UK. With iron deficiency being the number one nutritional disorder in the Western world and 1 in 4 women with a low iron intake, it’s no surprise that coping with the demands of today’s hectic lifestyles is making them feel utterly drained.

The launch of a new liquid iron supplement, Blueiron, could provide the lift they are after. Each bottle of Blueiron – a cult Scandinavian product – is bursting with over 50 hand picked, wild blueberries, rich in immune-boosting vitamin C, and fresh mineral water. It is a source of powerful natural antioxidants and also contains Vitamin B12, Folic acid and Zinc to help boost immune defenses, along with added Biotin to contribute to healthy hair and skin, and Vitamin E to help protect cells from ageing oxidative stress.

What’s more, it tastes great and, unlike many traditional iron supplements, Blueiron is gentle on the digestive system resulting in fewer of the side effects most commonly associated with iron supplements, such as constipation. Thanks to an exclusive patented micro-encapsulated delivery system called ab-fortis, the body cleverly absorbs only the amount of iron it needs with the potent blueberries enhancing the body’s absorption of the mineral. Ab-fortis ensures the minimal release of iron during its storage, which prevents the classical side effects usually seen with iron supplements including a metallic taste and abdominal pain














How contaminated is your toothbrush?

There are more than 10 million bacteria on your toothbrush right now according to a recent study at the University of Manchester.

That means there are considerably more bacteria on your toothbrush than your average toilet seat – which has 50 bacteria per square inch 1 , or average public lavatory floor – which has 2 million bacteria per square inch 2 .

Steripod is designed to safeguard a toothbrush, protecting it against environmental contamination, keeping it clean and smelling fresh, for up to three months using a patented design with “active vapours” – a laboratory formulated thymol compound. Thymol is used in many mouthwashes and oral anti-septic’s. The compound is encapsulated in plastic with small holes which allows the thymol vapours to escape and protectively encircle the toothbrush bristles. The product has been specially designed so that air can circulate freely which means your toothbrush can dry naturally – contaminants require a moist atmosphere to multiply most effectively, so the drier your brush, the lower the risk of bad bugs on your bristles.

Unlike other toothbrush sanitizers, Steripod does not require batteries or cables, meaning that it’s easy to protect your brush wherever it is; at home, on holiday, or out and about. Nor does the active ingredient actually touch the bristles so you are not a risk of ingesting unwelcome chemicals.

There are a wide number of people for whom a Steripod will offer an attractive prospect; people travelling for work or pleasure; festival goers, kids going off to camp as well as the increasing number of us, aware of the health and aesthetic benefits of regular brushing like to pop a toothbrush in our gym, hand or wash bags. For anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment, carrying a brush to clean the teeth after meals is imperative. For all these, and many others, Steripod is ideal to ensure their toothbrush remains hygienic and fresh.

So other than ensuring you have a Steripod, what’s the best way to keep your toothbrush clean and fresh? Dentist Mervin Druin gives his top tips to ensure your brush remains as hygienic as possible.

1. Don’t flush where you brush

If you store your toothbrush near your toilet make sure you close the lid when you flush to minimise the dispersal of contaminated water droplets.

2. Rinse thoroughly after use

Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly under running water after use, making sure that all toothpaste has been removed. Shake off as much excess water as possible.

3. Store it upright

Store your brush in an upright position – never in a bathroom cabinet where air cannot circulate as this could promote bacterial growth.

4. Replace your toothbrush regularly

Make sure to replace your toothbrush and Steripod every 3 months – buy them at the same time. If like many of us you need a reminder can send you a gentle email nudge every 80 days to remind you that your pod and your brush need an update!

And if you’ve been suffering with a cold or flu it’s a good idea to replace your toothbrush rather than reinfecting yourself.

5. Don’t share it

Never be tempted to share a toothbrush, even with your loved one. And avoid contact with other toothbrushes that may be stored in the same vicinity.










Soft & Gentle Feminine Care Range

Soft & Gentle, the experts in women’s personal care, present a first-to-market with the introduction of a NEW pH balanced intimate wash and care range.

This discreet and delicate toiletries collection has multi-use benefits and is enriched with a prebiotic complex which protects and stimulates the skin’s natural defences, bringing you beautifully balanced skin every day.

The discreet and sophisticated packaging means you can take it anywhere with confidence ensuring all areas from checkout to use are easy and accessible.

The soothing ingredients and cleansing extracts found in all products help reduce any skin discomfort, whilst the delicate allergen-free scents offer all day freshness. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, this gynaecologist approved and dermatologically tested range is pH balanced for optimal intimate skin health and is ideal for all over the body everyday use.

This beautiful, feminine collection is formed of three expertly formulated products:


This HERO product is a shower essential and must-have as part of your daily routine. The innovative formula delivers a luxurious mousse that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised.


The perfect choice for gentle daily cleansing, this all over body wash gets to work instantly for effects you feel throughout the duration of the day.


This intimate deodorant spray has been designed specifically for intimate skin and is suitable to use on underwear, sanitary wear and straight on skin, neutralizing any odour caused by sweating.

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