So Darling is a news and recommendations site for lovely people who like lovely things and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd in their own unique way.  We mix it up with the occasional editorial or article and the result is… well… so darling!

So Darling isn’t written by corporate mouthpieces or pretentious cooler-than-thou clones, it’s written by professionals who work within the fashion industry and just want to highlight the best in beauty, fashion and lifestyle to our readers. From the latest fashion finds to the perfect accompaniment to your living room, if we love and would buy it ourselves we’ll cover it!

We do have a couple of rules that we hope all our readers appreciate – or at least understand.  We’re very conscious of the economy and understand that not everyone out there can afford the haute couture that many of us love. From time to time we might let something pricey that we just adore slip through the net but in general this site is designed to highlight the best of value for money.

Last but not least, we are very big on ethical fashion and animal friendly beauty products at So Darling.    OK, so we admit that the team here aren’t exactly hemp trouser wearing vegans (Sorry hemp trouser wearing vegans it’s nothing personal!) but we will never knowingly cover products that have been tested on animals or caused any unnecessary damage to the environment or community.

So bookmark the site or add us to your RSS reader. The site is constantly updated and there’s always bound to be something for everyone!