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When you think of great iconic fashion and beauty looks, they usually hail from the silver screen. From the original days of Hollywood glamour as far back as the 1930s and 1940s, great iconic looks have been used time and time again. A great example of this is the classic red lip, a look that is synonymous with instant glamour.

The great classic, A Matter of Life and Death (1948) from Powell & Pressburger, starring Kim Hunter (Oscar winner for A Streetcar Named Desire; Planet of the Apes) is back in cinemas across the UK with a glorious 4K restoration. She stars alongside love interest David Niven who sports an iconic aviator look with the film set in the Second World War.

With stunning visuals and unfaltering resilience, Powell and Pressburger’s timeless classic A Matter of Life and Death is the perfect film to get you in the festive spirit and for that must have Christmas fashion item with the classic 40s aviator look! Loved by critics and fans alike, the film’s new release will open up the film for a whole new generation to celebrate Christmas with the iconic duo of David Niven and Kim Hunter.

German costume designer Hein Heckroth who won an Oscar for Best Art Direction for THE RED SHOES (1948)



Drawings Credit: BFI National Archive for use of and of the production drawings

His designs in “The Red Shoes” are preserved at MOMA in New York City and the British Film Institute in London.






Instant Hollywood glamour with the nourishing classic ruby red matte liquid lipstick from Charlotte Tilsbury

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