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Interesting Celebrity Sleeping Habits

Good sleep is a very precious commodity which is treasured and, far too often, quite rare. If you’re rich, famous and successful, this is even more relevant.

When it comes to getting a good solid night’s sleep, some people will go to extreme lengths to ensure it goes ahead without disturbance or hindrance. But for others, sleep is not high on their list of priorities and can function on as little as a few hours per night. The outright bizarre sleeping habits of famous people curated by Celeb Jury can make you reconsider your habits and find new ways, times and places to enjoy a shuteye.

Here is a quick look at some celebrities and their sleeping habits, ranging from the normal to downright strange.

Isaac Newton was an English mathematician, astronomer and physicist who often slept for three or four hours per night and often went without sleeping for days. It became so bad that he became ill from exhaustion.

Marie Curie – a Polish physicist and chemist who discovered radiation slept with a jar of radium next to her bedside. Unfortunately, this eventually led to her death. The deadly effects of radium were not known at the time.

Salvador Dali – a Spanish painter – would sleep with a key in one hand raised above his head, with a metal plate on the floor. As soon as Dali began to sleep deeply, the key would drop and hit the plate, waking him up.

Calvin Coolidge slept for eight hours per night and then had a two to three hour nap in the afternoon. He got more sleep in the White House than any other US president.

Want to learn more about the interesting and strange sleeping habits of the rich and famous?

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