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Christmas is such an exciting time, the party’s, the get togethers, the meals. There’s so much to do and so many people to see that we easily forget that it can also be a lonely time for those of us who are single.

So it’s no surprise to hear that the festive period is one on the busiest times for online dating and Smooch, the country’s favourite Freemium dating site, has provided their top tips for securing a date for the festive period!


How to get your 12 Days of Kissmas


Responding to questions

Make sure you’re prepared to answer to calmly explain to Auntie Sue (who isn’t really your Auntie, just in fact your mum’s best friend) why you’re single, and happy about, when the inevitable question comes up over pre-Christmas drinks. And if there is anyone new on the scene, be prepared to show photos!


Go on a date you’ve always dismissed

If there’s someone who has always been interested in you but you’ve never really done anything about it, why not bite the bullet and go on a date? Even if you think it’s going to be an absolute shambles, it’ll most probably make his Christmas and you could have a really fun night, even if it ends up just being as friends


Spice up your wardrobe

Even if money is tight after spending a small fortune on Christmas presents, go out and buy an outfit that makes you feel good. The added confidence will bring you out of you shell and will get you noticed


Do something out of your comfort zone

Your chances of meeting someone new if you always drink in the same pub, stay in and watch X Factor and work late most nights are dramatically diminished. So why not try to leave work on time, go somewhere you’ve never been before and set yourself a challenge to chat to at least one stranger!


Make the most of your colleagues

If you tend to keep yourself to yourself at work, maybe it’s time to start being a bit more sociable. You may find that there’s someone who you had never really noticed but actually get on really well with, or even better, you may get introduced to friends of colleagues who can put in a good word for you. What’s more, your office Christmas party could be the perfect opportunity to make a new friend!


Update your online dating profile

Christmas is a really popular time of year for online dating. By changing your profile picture, mixing up your about me section and adding a new hobby or interest, you may draw in more attention with potential love interests who haven’t come across your profile before


Be a good listener

However uneasy you may feel on a first date, it is really important that you engage in conversation and ask questions as well as answering them. Don’t talk about yourself the whole time as your date will just think you’re a bit self-obsessed and may end up not being interested. Keep the conversation equal








Arrange a meal for all your single friends

Sounds quite simple and easy, however, there is a catch. All of your single friends have to bring along another single friend of theirs, who they think would be a good match for at least one of the other attendees. This is a fun way of spending time with a group of friends, their friends, and your future girlfriend or boyfriend!


Stressing about presents?

If you’re unsure about what to get for someone you haven’t been dating for that long, don’t overthink it! Spend a small amount on something you know they will be into or something they have mentioned. It’s the thought that counts!


Do NOT text an ex

Quite possibly the worst decision we have all had the pleasure of making. It’s not worth it and we only do it because we think we’re lonely. You know really that escaping that relationship was the best thing you’ve ever done. Drunk or sober, keep your phone at arm’s length!








Dress your best

By all means wear the baggy jumpers and leggings when popping out to the shop and mooching around the house but maybe don’t wear them to a date… As comfortable as they may be. We’re not suggesting you have to be dressed to the nines, but a bit of effort goes a long way


Embrace your singleness

If you start to give off the vibe that you hate being single, it’ll become very evident around friends, family and potential love interests. Be the happy, confident and independent, and feel better in yourself

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